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FF Tragicomedy

Updated to include latest soap details

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Last week Sony killed mod chips and threatened to short-change PSone owners with the release of half the content that made up Final Fantasy Anthology in the United States. Unfortunately, we jumped the gun. Final Fantasy Anthology is due to launch in Europe for £9.99 (roughly €16) on February 29th. Although not identical to the American package, it will include Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI and a demo of the forthcoming PlayStation 2 release, Final Fantasy X. Absent from the package will be the soundtrack CD found in American bundles. There is no further word on Anthology's sibling Final Fantasy Chronicles - made up of Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger - but if one sells well we can probably expect to see the other shortly. Update 04/02: Amazingly, we're now hearing that Europe is not going to receive Final Fantasy V after all. So in other words, they're doing what we said they would do last week. I think the best plan for now is that you all assume the game has been canned, and then when Sony spits something out at the end of the month, everything will be okay... Related Feature - Fewer Fantasies

Source - SCEE

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