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Fewer Fantasies

One game for the price of two!

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Sony really doesn't like The Third Place. As if any more evidence were necessary, yesterday's news of the Europe-bound Final Fantasy Anthology was slightly inaccurate. It was previously thought that the FF Anthology package would survive the Atlantic crossing intact, but this morning this preview on was brought to our attention. It puts a completely different spin on yesterday's announcement… According to Sony's official website, Final Fantasy VI is finally destined for the PlayStation, and included in the package will be a PS2-only demonstration version of Final Fantasy X. Its partner in crime, the even-more-elusive Final Fantasy V, however, is nowhere to be found. European gamers have been waiting eight years for Final Fantasy VI, and now we may never see its predecessor, or any of its predecessors. Far from a launching point for a collection of reasonably-priced Super NES conversions for hardcore RPG-heads, this is simply a vehicle for the promotion of Final Fantasy X on the PlayStation 2, a game that Sony will be holding back until the Summer. Sony should be doing more to win our hearts back in light of the horrific public image blows it's presently taking. Several of the biggest PS2 releases of the American festive period are still waiting in some warehouse - pointlessly waiting - for an opportunity to spread their wings in Europe. Metal Gear Solid 2 : Sons of Liberty has been delayed until March. Final Fantasy X until Summer. And as for ICO, all we know is Q1. Are you prepared to go to the trouble of importing them? Then you're breaking the law. Far from alienating its hardcore fans, Sony would rather imprison them. For the rest of us, it's another few weeks to wait. Final Fantasy VI is due to arrive in February. Related Feature - Final Fantasy X preview

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