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May 3rd, £150, GameCube

More than 20 games, one million units across Europe

David Gosen of Nintendo will host a live webcast on Monday morning where he will announce a release date of May 3rd for his company's GameCube console. To lessen the blow, he will follow that up with the surprise announcement of a €249 pricetag. £150. The GameCube will retail for £50 less than the PlayStation 2 and half the price of Microsoft's Xbox at £300. One million units will be available at launch, and more than 20 software titles will be available from launch day, although games like Super Smash Brothers Melee and Pikmin will be held off a while. As for shortages, Nintendo will have one million units across Europe. The rumour and hearsay is now allegedly over, C&VG reports this evening. Earlier today the website received "rock solid" confirmation of the details above. So far we have confirmed everything except the Euro-to-Sterling conversion quoted by C&VG. We will have to wait and see whether or not the £150 price tag sticks. Related Feature - Another GameCube launch rumour

Source - C&VG