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Another GameCube Launch Rumour

Update - rumour no longer

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With such a resourceful competitor as Microsoft, Nintendo must be finding it hard to keep schtum on the subject of the GameCube launch. Generally when panicked by a handlebarred stag, companies leap to and kick the wraps off their retail schedule, but not the Big N. According to a number of rumours, Milia is no longer the launching point of the GameCube in Europe. Nor will the Nuremburg Toy Fair on the 30th of January be. MCV reported last week that April 5 is the retail target, whilst other sources point to May 3rd. Let's not forget however that these rumours often have little basis in fact. Still doing the rounds are rumours of a November date, for instance. If Nintendo is aiming for April 5th, we can only surmise that this must be the earliest possible launch date. There is little reason to delay the already much-delayed console with increasingly ferocious Microsoft and Sony advertising campaigns threatening to engulf any GameCube promotion like napalm. Strong word has it that Nintendo will announce the GameCube's European release date on Monday. Update - Nintendo will make an announcement concerning the GameCube's European release date in a webcast at 9AM GMT on Monday the 28th of January, a company spokesperson has told EuroGamer. The webcast will be made available from That website will go live on Friday the 25th January from 8AM GMT. To view the webcast, you will need Windows Media or Real Player, or Quicktime if you prefer. Related Feature - Nintendo President retires

Source - C&VG

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