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Infogrames are back

More details of Terminator game

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Six months after confirming rumours that they had snagged the valuable Terminator license, French publishing behemoth Infogrames have today released new details of the first game to emerge from the deal. Titled "Terminator : Dawn of Fate", the game will apparently act as a prequel to the movies, taking place during the two years before Kyle Reese was sent back in time by resistance leader John Connor to save his mother from a lethal robotic killing machine. As a result you'll be battling against the backdrop of a ravaged post-apocalyptic Earth, fighting a range of specially designed Skynet Hunter/Killer machines in "no-holds-barred, metal stomping cyborg warfare", according to the over-excited marketing director quoted in the press release. Eventually you will catch up with the events of the first movie, with the finale expected to involve guiding Kyle into the heavily defended Skynet facility ready to follow Arnie through their time machine, back to 1984. Along the way you will get to control three different characters, including Kyle Reese himself, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Terminator : Dawn of Fate is now being limited to the PS2 and Xbox, and the game will be released in the second half of the year, a few months later than originally intended. More details and fresh screenshots are expected to emerge soon. Related Feature - Infogrames will be back

Source - press release

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