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Infogrames will be back

Not that they'd gone anywhere, but it fits the license...

Infogrames has enlarged its list of Hollywood licenses with the addition of Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. In deals announced yesterday with the Creative Licensing Corporation and The Licensing Group, Ltd. respectively, Infogrames has secured the exclusive rights to develop and publish games worldwide for current and next-generation consoles as well as PC and Mac. According to the press release, the first game out of the stalls is due out in Spring of 2002, developed in-house, and four games in total are supposedly underway. Infogrames' games are expected to be consistent with the plot of the films, with action in past and future worlds, integrating the vision of a post apocalyptic society and time-travel etc. Infogrames also have the right to innovate within the Terminator world; introducing new characters and elements, etc. Infogrames is also the license-holder for Survivor, Mission: Impossible 2 and Men in Black. We hope they come up with something interesting for Survivor, because we've got this horrible vision of California Games 2001 with the heat turned up and challenges that involve holding the joystick still.

Source - press release

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