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GT Professional now unconfirmed

Confusing Sony people get knickers in a twist

When GamesWire posted a small news item last week 'confirming' the existence of a Gran Turismo PC game, they could have had no idea of its impact. A day later, IGN posted a story rebuking GamesWire's Sony announcement. According to their source, Gran Turismo 3 isn't on its way to the PC. Unconvinced, we spoke to a senior source at Sony, and they told us in no uncertain terms that this is a rumour, and one that nobody within Sony has confirmed. This surprisingly precise denial led us to re-evaluate. There is public interest in a PC version of Gran Turismo. Someone told GamesWire a PC version of Gran Turismo existed. Someone told IGN that a PC version of Gran Turismo 3 did not exist. And now we know that Sony considers these claims to be nothing but a rumour. In other words we're no closer to confirming the existence of Gran Turismo Professional on the PC. Related Feature - Gran Turismo Professional

Whatever happens, we don't think GT3 will appear on the PC any time soon...