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Gran Turismo Professional

GT3-derived PC game in the works!

Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital is working on a PC version of the hit game alongside Gran Turismo 4, Sony has revealed. No further information has been given on "Gran Turismo Professional", as the game will be known, but it will be roughly based on Gran Turismo 3, probably the best driving game ever released. Textures, car models and the game engine may all be directly ported. PC to PlayStation 2 ports sometimes work reasonably, but console to PC ports are notoriously dodgy ground. Polyphony's fellow Japanese developer Squaresoft is one of the worst offenders. Virtually all of its PC ports have been produced outside the company and act like bad emulations. The fact that Polyphony itself is handling the port could be good news. Whether the game will appeal to Grand Prix III types who enjoy tweaking the suspension and specifying numbers all over the shop, is difficult to tell. Gameswire, who unearthed the story, also raise the question of online compatibility. Our instinct is that Polyphony won't bother. Gran Turismo 4 for the PlayStation 2 will feature online play, but since GT Professional is based on its predecessor and it would involve a significant amount of extra coding, it would be silly to get our hopes up. Related Feature - Gran Turismo 3 review

Source - GamesWire