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Jez San gets OBE

Argonaut boss on New Years Honours List

Joining the likes of Ben Kingsley, Alan Parker and the Bee Gees on the New Years Honours List today is Jeremy San, CEO and founder of Argonaut Games and co-founder of TIGA, the UK's Independent Game Developers Assocation. Jez now becomes an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, having been cited "for services to the computer games industry". Argonaut has been around since 1984, releasing hit games such as Starglider and Starfox, as well as developing the SuperFX chip which powered Starfox's 3D graphics on the SNES. More recently the company worked on the chart-topping Harry Potter game for the PlayStation, and is currently developing Malice and SWAT : Global Strike Team for the Xbox. Congratulations to Jez San OBE. Now, how about a knighthood for David Braben next year?

Source - New Years Honours List (thanks to Mr D, our man at the ministry)

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