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Army Men get real

Real-time strategy, that is. Shoot me now, please.

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3DO have officially announced Army Men RTS, an imaginatively titled new game for PC and PlayStation 2 which does exactly what it says on the box. Yes, it's a real-time strategy game starring the little green plastic soldiers. Before you write this off as another piece of derivative mass-market pap from 3DO though, we should probably mention that the game is being developed by Pandemic, the company behind Battlezone II and Dark Reign II, both of which were fairly entertaining but sadly flopped at retail. Apparently this is their penance... "Featuring easy-to-learn, intuitive controls and a comprehensive tutorial, Army Men RTS allows players to collect resources and build bases before the Tans can retaliate", according to the press release. "Army Men RTS players are constantly faced with a variety of challenges and strategic decisions throughout the game that have direct impact on the abilities of the troops. The fun is fast and furious in this in-depth, pick-up-and-play RTS adventure." The words "fun" and "in-depth" don't often spring to mind when talking about Army Men games, but with the game headed for a March meltdown we should know soon whether or not Pandemic can breath fresh life into this combination of a stale franchise and a stale genre. Related Feature - Army Men RTS screenshots

Source - press release

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