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PlayOnline still trialling

Beta test screenshots and music files from Japanese testers

Squaresoft's PlayOnline gaming service has been trialling in Japan for a while now, in beta form, and The GIA has rounded up a number of screenshots and MP3 files from the system's interface. The shots come from the "PlayOnline Viewer" software supplied to testers, and we were immediately impressed by the swanky curves and flashing lights. The interface, which acts like an online desktop, seems to allow a degree of multitasking (or that could just be a lazy way of creating an options menu, who knows?) There are also some shots from the bundled multiplayer card game Tetra Master, used to help test the service. According to the screenshots, the software is at version beta 1.03.00. There are three downloadable MP3s; one from Tetra Master and two from the PlayOnline software. We haven't tried them, but if you are a fan of the works of Naoshi Mizuta and / or Noriko Matsueda, we're sure you will enjoy them! Related Feature - Final Fantasy X preview

Source - The GIA