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Sega dumps ISP

Get your own!

As regular players of Phantasy Star Online will testify, having to connect to SegaNet's dialup can really beat the hell out of your phone bill. In these days of 0800 dialups and free off-peak hours, it's difficult to justify this expense. That's why it's actually quite insulting to see the venerable game maker dumping its SegaNet dialup in favour of allowing users to police their own connection, several months after Phantasy Star Online lost its appeal. Sega Europe is getting shot of its SegaNet ISP in Europe in favour of allowing users to pick their own dialups, which brings the company's products into line with their US equivalents. Gamers over there have been able to specify connection settings for quite a while. In an official statement released this week, Sega sang its praises and announced the release of new Dreamkey software to replace existing version (1.0, 1.5 and 2.0). But with the Official Dreamcast Magazine long since gone, how are they going to distribute this new software? Related Feature - Phantasy Star Online review

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