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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Enter The Nightfall Dragon

Former Severance developers unveil new project

Back in August Xavier Carrillo sent word that a trio of designers from the Severance : Blade of Darkness team were forming a new company called Digital Legends. At the time we were promised "a new and revolutionary engine" from Severance's lead programmer, which would be used to power a first person role-playing game. Now the company has launched its new website, which features the first concept art and renders from this debut project along with screenshots from the engine and some more solid information on what we can expect from the game. Nightfall Dragons is, like Severance, an action role-playing hybrid, but this time set in a world of "mythical creatures, legendary martial arts masters, invulnerable fortresses, secret monasteries and incredible natural landscapes". On the technology front, the engine offers weather effects and a full day and night cycle, as well as support for detailed character models and dynamic shadows. The first early images certainly look promising, but as yet there's no word on when the game will actually be released. Related Feature - Digital Legends emerge from Spain