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Digital Legends emerge from Spain

Blade developers sever to form new studio

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Three core members of the team behind third person fantasy action game Severance have left Rebel Act to form their own studio, called Digital Legends. Xavier Carrillo (Severance's project director), Angel Cunado (lead programmer) and José Luis Vaello (lead designer) will be heading up the new studio, which is working on an as-yet nameless first person role-playing game. Apparently action will play a central part in the new game, which will be developed "for several platforms", and the setting is described as a "fantasy world that includes martial arts".

Digital Legends is also promising "a new and revolutionary engine, able to represent complex natural environments with a degree of accuracy and quality never seen before". Given the impressive results of Angel's work on Severance, they might just be able to deliver on that. Hopefully it won't take them four years to release the game this time though...

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