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Soccer gains respect, man

Konami and Sports Interactive declare their undying love for each others games

In an unusual move, Sports Interactive and Konami have teamed up to combine two of the world's leading soccer franchises, by adding Championship Manager's now legendary statistical database into Konami's new Pro Evolution Soccer game. With detailed information on over 130,000 players from around the world included in the hulking great database, the stats dump will prove to be a "tremandous asset", according to Konami Europe's Dave Cox. "Sports Interactive's library of player and team data is hugely impressive and the most comprehensive we have seen in the football games market", Dave gushed. For their part Sports Interactive claim to be huge fans of the ISS Pro Evolution series, with Miles Jacobson going all weak at the knees. "It was a real thrill when we heard that there was mutual respect from the teams behind the games and that they wanted to use our player stats", Miles is reported as saying. It's a love thing. And with Pro Evolution Soccer coming to the PlayStation 2 on November 16th, you should be able to see the outcome of their relationship soon. Related Feature - Sports Interactive interview

Source - press release