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Quake III patched

Familiar headline, slightly less dramatic changes

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Id Software has updated its ubiquitous first person shooter Quake III Arena to version 1.30. The update, described as a 'minor fix' can be downloaded in full at a whopping 25.5Mb, or using the reasonably speedy automatic update feature that came with version 1.29f for a smaller download of around 8Mb. Amongst the bugfixes are a 'sound bug', which apparently crashed some modifications, a few miscellaneous logfile issues, and a fixed autodownload toggle in the user interface. The Linux version of the patch will follow shortly, Graeme Devine of Id Software confirmed. If history is anything to go by, the rampaging hordes of Quake fanboys will spend the next 24 hours descending upon FilePlanet and just about any other file resource in order to update their copies, but we had surprisingly little trouble getting hold of the files just now. We recommend the automatic update feature (which can be found in the Start Menu Quake III entry) if you use Windows. Perhaps you will have luck with the big FTP servers though, who knows. Unlike the Half-Life and Counter-Strike patches of last week, this is just a bunch of minor fixes bound together by a meaty executable. You might be lucky, we were.

download from BarrysWorld

download from Blue's News

download from FilePlanet

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