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Bam! Sword Broken on GameBoy

Classic adventure game coming to GameBoy Advance

Bam recently revealed that they would be publishing the GameBoy Advance version of classic point and click adventure game Broken Sword : Shadow of the Templars, and with the game due out early next year they have sent out a new batch of screenshots. These are the first new pictures showing off the impressive conversion since it was announced by developer Revolution back in April.

The interface and control system are obviously being redesigned for the hand-held system and its tiny screen, but otherwise the game should be a fairly faithful translation of the ever-popular PC title, right down to a remastered version of the original soundtrack. Developed in-house by the company behind the Broken Sword series, it's certainly looking quite impressive at this stage. According to Revolution boss Charles Cecil, "the animations and backgrounds retain amazing clarity", and the screenshots seem to bear him out. Hopefully we should know more in the new year as the game nears completion.

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