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Black Thorn delayed

Yet another game falls prey to terrorism

UbiSoft has postponed the release of Rogue Spear : Black Thorn, the latest in the popular Rainbow Six counter-terrorism series spawned by author Tom Clancy. Originally due out next month, a statement from the French publisher revealed that they have "decided to delay the release of the game and modify the content to avoid stirring emotions unnecessarily and unwillingly offending the public". In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in America the subject was considered to be a little too close to the bone, with the game's plot involving a group recreating some of the most infamous terrorist attacks of recent years.

Another game heading into release limbo

Ironically just a few weeks earlier UbiSoft had announced that they were licensing the Rogue Spear engine to a company which was going to adapt the game for use as a training tool for American soldiers, with the focus on decision making and small-unit tactics. So if George W Bush's "war on terrorism" lasts more than a few months, the soldiers involved could well be using a heavily modified version of Rogue Spear to hone their co-ordination and teamwork...

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