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Phantasy Star On PC

Sega adds two new languages, graphical effects

Console manufacturer turned games developer Sega has announced today that its online RPG Phantasy Star Online Version 2 is being ported to Windows platforms for release on the PC. The new version will include original effects and other features that take advantage of PC hardware above and beyond the capabilities of the consoles the series has appeared on in the past. In terms of visuals, the PC version will include improved lighting and bump mapping effects, as well as increased polygon counts and draw distances. As a result, Sega is recommending a very beefy system to run the game. The reports, unearthed from this press announcement by Japanese Game Watch then further reported by The Gaming Intelligence Agency (GIA), also indicate that along with original effects and new features, the game will also include two additional languages, Chinese and Korean, which are being added to the in-game translator. Along with the original five languages; Japanese, English, French, German and Spanish, these will allow Sega to expand distribution of the title to new territories where it believes it will make an significant impact. Sega is dedicated to making PSO the "first worldwide network RPG," and the PC version of the game will include enhancements such as the ability to use any standard Windows internet connection - e.g. a broadband or ISDN connection if you have it. Presumably Sega will charge for the use of PSO V2 as they have started to do on the Dreamcast. The big question is of course whether owners of the PC version will be able to interact with Dreamcast and perhaps Game Cube owners. After Monday's comments from Sega director Yuji Naka though, this question is very difficult to answer one way or another. As you may recall, Naka is concerned that cheating in the Dreamcast version (brought about through the use of GameShark devices), could impair consumer's enjoyment of the Game Cube version. As a result he may veto the proposed link between the two. If he does, it stands to reason this decision will be standard policy, at least until the next game in the series arrives. Related Feature - PSO console crossover not to be

Source - The GIA