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PSO console crossover not to be

Dreamcast and Game Cube owners to be separated due to widespread cheating problem

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Game Cube owners may no longer be able to interact with their Dreamcast counterparts in the gaming world of Phantasy Star Online, because Sega is concerned about the inherent cheating problems that plague the Dreamcast version. Although Sega has demonstrated the ability of the consoles to interact, director Yuji Naka may veto the link anyway. The problem is the proliferation of cheat codes for the Dreamcast version of Phantasy Star Online Version 2. The original idea was that developer Sonic Team would plant a number of rare items in the Dreamcast and Game Cube versions, which would only be available to owners of the other via trade. It wasn't long after the game's release though that GameShark cheat codes capable of unlocking the entire roster of rare items (including those that cannot actually be found in the Dreamcast version) became available. In light of this discovery, Naka is concerned that cheaters would ruin the game for new players. In order to avoid this, he may push for the Dreamcast and Game Cube servers to be separated, effectively destroying one of the most popular console crossovers ever because of the actions of a minority. The difficulty for Naka is that these cheaters will sell their items, and an illicit trade in these items will grow that would spoil any crossover between the two games. His answer may be the only one that can help sterilise the PSO world for Game Cube owners.

Source - PSO Zone Forums

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