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ELSA court overclockers

Claim new build of their GLADIAC 920 is "an over-clocker's dream"

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ELSA has launched a new build of its GeForce 3 based GLADIAC 920 graphics card, with a funky new black spray job. On a more practical level it comes with an improved heat sink, and ELSA are claiming that the card is now highly overclockable. Product manager Adam Foat is quoted as saying that "with no additional cooling we have managed to clock the board up to 250MHz on the core processor and 560MHz on the memory, delivering a massive 650 additional points on 3D Mark 2001". This compares to the card's standard operating speed of 200MHz core and 460MHz rated memory, although of course your mileage may vary.

The card is also covered by a six year warranty (which is no doubt voided if you actually try overclocking it), but all of this comes at a price. £350 to be precise. You pays your money you makes your choice.

Source - press release

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