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3DO look Shifty

Shape-shifting adventure title on the way

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Pearl Buck told us that order is the shape upon which beauty depends, but 3DO Europe would contend that a bit of chaos and metamorphosis is still fun if used sensibly as part of a balanced diet. What am I talking about? Shifters, a new third person adventure title featuring shape-shifting due out on PS2 in November. Not to be confused with the Jerry O'Connell/John Rhys-Davies sideshow TV series Sliders (now irrelevantly starring the delectable Kari Wuhrer), which casual sci-fi fans may have immediately thougth of, Shifters is a creative experience where players can shape-shift into any of 24 different characters, each of which boasts different characteristics. Somewhat reminiscent of last year's sleeper hit Evolva, these forms will be individually important in the completion of your quest, with various attributes like the ability to pass through solid objects, cast spells and cast proximity spells that transform nearby enemies into solid stone. It doesn't sound like there will be any Odo-like practices of assuming the form of a nearby chair and whatnot, but 3DO claim that Shifters, set across 30 different levels will be a thoroughly original and exciting adventure that will thrust players into a quest to discover the uncover the malevolent force manipulating their own destiny. Good and Evil will both apparently be evident. The game will include a single player game and combat training, and focuses on the old "wrongly-accused hero" racket, described as classic by them, but perhaps tired by us. Shifters will materialize some time in November of this year from 3DO Europe. Related Feature - Shifters Screenshots

Source - press release

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