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Graphics Tekken further with Bleem

Next emulation disc to let Dreamcast owners play classic beat ‘em up

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The interminable Bleem team have finally unveiled the next conversion in their series of Bleemcast discs. After the peculiar success of the Gran Turismo 2 emulation disc and the excitement surrounding the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid release, the guys at decided to post some screenshots of their other project, Tekken 3. A classic beat 'em up and no mistake, Tekken 3 was one of those killer app beat 'em ups that caught the attention of an entire generation of fighting fans and sucked them in with three times the fury of the previous incarnations. The Bleemcast disc for T3 will be released soon, and will allow buyers not only to enjoy the game on their Dreamcasts, but with souped up visuals thanks to some clever filtration and anti-aliasing to remove the blockyness. As people pointed out with Gran Turismo 2, the graphical overhaul really does help breathe more life into the game. You only have to take a look at the comparison screenshots at to get the picture. Related Feature - The bleem! Team

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