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Come join the party

Celebrate the release of Gran Turismo 3 in London tomorrow with supermodels and rock stars

With Microsoft and Nintendo threatening to blow millions on advertising their respective consoles this year, Sony must be feeling a bit left out. The Xbox is due to receive backing to the tune of $500 million alone. It's enough to get a competing executive all hot under the collar. Not to worry though, they've decided (for better or worse) to lavish attention on the games instead, and to begin with, they're hosting promotional Gran Turismo 3 activities at HMV in Oxford Circus all day Friday. Amongst the festivities will be overused rock band Feeder, who will be schmoozing and trying out the game, plenty of machines in-store to play the game on, and the Big Daddy of Gran Turismo himself, Kazunori Yamauchi. The first 50 people to buy a copy of GT3 from Oxford Circus tomorrow will also receive a free steering wheel to boot, and there's no mention of early opening hours, just a 9am kick-off, so if you work in the vicinity, we recommend you head on down. Moving back toward executives getting hot under the collar, Jakki Degg and Jo Hicks are being borrowed from Page 3 to wander around all day promoting the game. Hopefully while wearing very little indeed. So if a day of gaming, freebies, developers, rock stars and topless* supermodels is up your street, make that street Oxford Circus, and make a date for the 20th July, 9am BST in HMV. * We cannot guarantee that they will be topless, but slip 'em a fiver and we doubt they'll argue.

Source - The Sun Newspaper