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Ragnar and friends

New co-operative mode released for Rune

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Last year Human Head's third person fantasy action game Rune put you in the big fur boots of Ragnar, a viking looking for revenge after the death of his father at the hands of a group of Loki-worshippers out to start Ragnarok, the viking answer to armageddon. And now you can bring three of your biggest hardest mates along with you as you track down the evil Conrack and his henchmen, thanks to the newly released Rune Co-Op mod.

Although Human Head have supported the development and release of the new co-operative mode, it's actually the work of a group of talented amateurs from the mod community. It's taken them several months to put together, but with alterations to the level scripting and item placement, more and bigger monsters to slay, enhanced boss encounters and an entirely new introductory level featuring ship-to-ship combat, it's perhaps no surprise that it's been so long coming. If you want to give it a try, you can grab the file (145Mb) from Rune Center.

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