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Necrocide : The Plot Must Die

New storyline details and screenshots from Novalogic's horror action game

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Novalogic have lifted the skirts of Necrocide : The Dead Must Die to reveal a glimpse at its decomposing legs, in the shape of seven new screenshots (two of them exclusive to EuroGamer) and some information about the game's storyline and the various factions and settings which you will encounter. Apparently the game centers on a conflict between two rival groups of vampire, the Khaleed (who want to rule the world) and the Amarande (who want to live peacefully alongside mortal men), who are fighting over a magical stone called the Saxum. This allows vampires to turn essence (the magical force that gives them their power) into blood - obviously a handy tool for any self-respecting creature of the night.

But while the Amarande use the Saxum to feed themselves without having to dine out, the Khaleed want to use its powers to help them subjugate humanity. The game kicks off as they emerge from hiding to steal the stone after spending years in the shadows carrying out bizarre alchemical experiments, and now it is up to you to recover the four pieces of the artefact before they can use it to further their ambitions. Along the way you will fight the Khaleed's weird undead minions in a range of exotic holiday destinations from Louisiana to Turkey, as well the requisite graveyards and asylums.

Thomas Cook eat your heart out...

Mmm .. heart.

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