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Sega reduces software prices

Well they stopped making the console, might as well cash in on the mad rush

Dreamcast fans upset about the console's cancelation have been quickly revising their thoughts on the whole matter in light of price cuts across the board. Everything from the console itself to its peripherals and now software has undergone reduction. For £75 you can now get a Dreamcast with three games and a controller - a quarter of the cost of the PlayStation 2 from most vendors. Today's big announcement though is the shift from an RRP of £39.99 to £29.99 for all new Dreamcast games, starting with the excellent Skies of Arcadia, released this morning. Soon to follow are Daytona 2001 on 11th May, Sonic Adventure 2 on the 23rd June and Crazy Taxi 2 on the 6th July amongst others. Speaking in a prepared statement, Sega's recently promoted UK General Manager Alan Jones said "We want to show the public that we still mean business with Dreamcast. The new £29.99 price point offers superb value for what is the strongest software line up currently available for any gaming console." A quick scout around the net reveals that Amazon and SoftwareFirst have both picked up on the new pricing, with £27.99 and £25.99 (member) prices respectively. Related Feature - Sega set-top unveiled

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