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Sega set-top unveiled

First picture of the new Dreamcast box from Pace/Sega

Ever since the announcement a couple of weeks ago that Sega were abandoning their roots in the console development business and syndicating their technology to set-top box firm Pace, we've been anxiously waiting to see an actual image of the device. Broad comments were made that the box would be seen at trade shows soon, and MCV ran a mockup image in their issue for that week, but it is for the first time this Monday lunchtime that the world has glimpsed the future of Dreamcast. And "glimpsed" really is the operative word here, because the press image provided is hideously obscured. The box will be unveiled properly at a London press conference next week, but until then all we have is this rather limited PR glossy, borrowed from our friends at MCVUK.com. We doubt the screen has anything to do with it. The set-top box, in case you missed it, will include Dreamcast functionality, and a hard-disk for storing game data downloaded from an outside source. Related Feature - Sega to become platform-neutral, Team up with Palm

Source - MCV

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