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PlayStation 2 Virgin reveals all

Well, gives us a sneak peek at new console titles before E3 anyway

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Virgin / Titus have released new screenshots of four of their PlayStation 2 titles in the run-up to the massive E3 trade show next month, including some previously unknown games. For those of you with a taste for motor sports, we have the first two screenshots from Downforce, a "high octane racing game" being developed by Smart Dog, as well as four new shots of Lotus Challenge from British developer Kuju.

If you prefer a little shooting with your gaming, there are the first screenshots and artwork (that we have seen, anyway) from the new Robocop game which, judging from the eye candy, is shaping up to be a rather tasty first person shooter. Finally there are a batch of four shots from the new Top Gun game, currently under development at Digital Integration. There is also a GameBoy Colour version of this one in the works, but sadly we don't have any visual aids for that.


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