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Tribes 2 patched

It's not looking good...

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Tribes 2 is a tremendous first person shooter, but judging by our experiences with it so far, marred by an incredible number of bugs and gameplay flaws. The in-game community features which are groundbreaking in their exhaustiveness, are barely online, and on the game's European release date the authentication server was taken down for maintenance, leaving gamers who bought the game on its first day unable to log on and play it. Dynamix have made apology after apology for the game's faults, but even with this latest patch installed and operating, the game behaves more like unpatched Quake II online than a seminal community-friendly first person shooter. It's telling, for instance, that since the game's release last Friday, this writer has had to download five patches, and even patch the patching utility. Disappointing isn't the word. Still, with every passing day, Dynanix get closer to realising our dream for the game, and the bugs are gradually being stamped out. There are still ugly memory leak errors and problems with connecting to servers, but the netcode is solid, and the Tribes are gradually migrating. Read more about our opinion of the game in next week's review. In the meantime, if you have already bought yourself a copy, firing up the online mode will patch you up just fine, or you can download the individual files, either as an update from version 22228, or as a full executable. Related Feature - Tribes 2 Preview

Source - Euro-Tribesplayers

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