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Activision, you are the weakest link

Anne Robinson is coming to a PC near you - be very afraid

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Following the run-away success of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on PC, PlayStation and Dreamcast at the end of last year, with the Eidos published title becoming one of the fastest selling games of all time on its UK release, it is perhaps no surprise that rights to turn the latest big British quiz show export into a computer game have also been snapped up. With over eight million viewers here in the UK and an American version of the show about to begin, The Weakest Link is one of the most popular and also one of the most amusing quiz shows currently on television, with Anne Robinson varying from terse to downright rude as a string of contestants are ritually humiliated before being kicked off the show for being "the weakest link".

Activision has announced that it has bought the computer game rights to the show for an undisclosed sum, with an October release planned for PC, PlayStation and PlayStation 2 versions here in the UK. The deal also takes in everything from the GameBoy to the Xbox, although no games have yet been confirmed for those platforms. Activision President Ron Doornik promises that "we will recreate the thrill of being a contestant on The Weakest Link by allowing players to face off against other opponents and experience the biting wit of Anne Robinson from the comfort of their own living room". Psychiatrists are expecting a bonanza as they are inundated by a flood of gamers reduced to nervous wrecks by Ms Robinson's sarcastic taunts. Probably.

Source - PR Newswire

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