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Lanarena announce intercontinental Quake

"AMD Invitational XS Cup" to unite the best gamers in the USA and Europe against one another

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On the 21st of April, the Lanarena Maidenhead Entertainment Centre will play host to the "AMD Invitational XS Cup", a Quake 3 tournament to end all tournaments. Eight "pro-gamers" from Europe and another eight from the States will represent their respective continents in single-elimination, two man team elimination and four man team games. The teams, confirmed in a Lanarena press release, includes big names such as Blokey, DOOMer and Lakerman on the European side, and Fatality, Wombat and other notables on the American side. Carlton Television is apparently planning to film the tournament for a new series it has in the works called "Surfer's Paradise", following European Team Manager Sujoy Roy. In a prepared statement Lanarena MD Dominic Mulroy commented. "Gaming in the UK is becoming the number one pass time and those that play wish to compete in an environment that is equal, stable, secure from cheating and very fast," which he feels Lanarena represents. "We hope that by attracting some of the most famous Professional Gamers to the UK, this amazing event will help publicise tournament gaming in general, and that more UK gamers will train to become the best at this new sport and help represent our country at the forthcoming Cyber Games in Korea at the end of the year." Those wishing to spectate are encouraged to email Dominic. Full details can be found in the press release.

Source - press release

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