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Fishtank go underground

3D role-playing game Arx Fatalis set for October release

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German company Fishtank Games, who published Nival's excellent 3D role-playing game Evil Islands, are hoping for more of the same from Arx Fatalis. Developed by France's Arkane Studios, it's rather enthusiastically described by them as "the game Ultima Underworld fans have been waiting for". Set in a world where the sun has disappeared from view, sending all the inhabitants of the kingdom of Arx burrowing into the ground for sanctuary, the game will offer a first person view as you explore eight levels of catacombs and all the usual trolls and goblins we've come to know and love.

Not all of these creatures will be so accommodating, and so you also have access to a range of weapons and spells to take them on with. Magic runes are apparently drawn on to the screen, which might suggest some form of Black & White style gesture system, with the ability to combine different runes to produce a wide range of effects. Add in some fairly impressive visuals and full multiplayer support, and they might just be on to something. We hope to bring you more information as the game gets closer to release...

Source - press release

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