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CPL Europe a-go-go

Registration opening for Dutch event and UK qualifier

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The CPL's next big event in Europe is CPL Holland, which is to be held at the Dutch town of Loosdrecht, just east of Amsterdam, on the weekend of May 11th-13th. Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament and Counter-Strike tournaments will all be taking place during the event, with prize money totalling €26,000 up for grabs. Registration for the event kicks off tonight at midnight European time, so if you fancy your chances or just want to mess around in this 800 player LAN party, head over to the CPL Holland website for more information.

Meanwhile The Playing Fields sent word that they have opened up registration for both Quake 3 Arena and Counter-Strike qualifiers for the Dutch event. The four player Counter-Strike team tourney will be taking place on Sunday 22nd April, with the Quake 3 duel contest the following Sunday. Both competitions will feature £2000 in prize money and one or more autoberths to the Dutch tournament, with everyone who turns up guaranteed to win something. You can find out more about the qualifiers here.

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