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Sega to back Xbox

But not provide emulation tech for it?

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Yet more Xbox news this afternoon. According to IGN, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is set to announce Sega's full support for the Xbox at the Tokyo Game Show later this month. There was much anticipation at the end of last month when sources close to the Xbox project hinted that Sega were coming on board in some capacity, and the rumour mill that is the Internet decided this meant Dreamcast emulation. Since then nothing has been made of the claims, except some frank dismissals from both parties. If there is a Sega announcement at TGS, it will likely be to confirm third party development support. Sega has already offered support to Nintendo and Sony. The GameBoy Advance version of ChuChu Rocket is expected to ship upon the US release of the console. Seamus Buckley didn't have any in-game footage for hacks at this year's Game Developer's Conference, so Microsoft are expected to make a big push at the Tokyo Game Show. Sega's support would certainly be a nice card to have in the back pocket. Sega has no further information to offer on the rumours, but continues to discuss development with all platform companies, it said in a statement to IGN. Microsoft are also expected to confirm some of the launch lineup for Japan, where fears are mounting that the Redmond-based firm will not make a splash big enough to impact on market leader Sony. In order to reverse this, Microsoft aims to have 18 titles ready for the machine's Japanese launch date. Konami are definitely on board, with several titles. Related Feature - Microsoft must do better in Japan

Source - IGN

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