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Take 2 dominate Palm gaming market

Subdiary Global Star has commanding lead

Take 2 proudly announced this morning that one of its subsidiary companies, Global Star, held 52% of the growing Palm Pilot gaming market in January 2001, according to research firm PC Data. Of the top ten titles for January, five were Global Star releases. Take 2 has a lot of subsidiary companies, including Rockstar Games, GOD Games, Talonsoft, Joytech, DMA Design and others. All fall under the Take 2 brand name, from the company's headquarters in New York City. Global Star is a relatively new addition. Amongst the numerous Palm titles in development from Global Star are versions of popular gaming properties Grand Theft Auto, Action Bass and Jet Fighter. The company's press release indicates that these titles should be out for the "holiday season" this year in both North America and Europe.

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