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Sega appoints new COO

Hideki Sato has been appointed president and COO after the death of Isao Owaka

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Newly reborn console player Sega Corp. has appointed a new president and COO, Hideki Sato, after Isao Owaka died of heart failure last Friday. "The company believes Sato is the best person to take the leadership as he has long experience and deep knowledge about the company's technology and management," a company spokesman said. The Japanese media had been expecting co-COO Tetsu Kayama Kayama to take the post, so Sato's appointment comes as something of a surprise. Sega said Kayama will play a core role in management, supervising the company's restructuring plan as well as its software development division. Sato joined Sega last year at Owaka's request from Recruit Co, where he dealt with game and content businesses. Related Feature - Sega president dies

Source - Yahoo

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