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Sega president dies

74-year-old Isao Owaka dies of heart failure

Industry legend Isao Owaka was in the headlines recently for donating 85 million yen's worth of stock to his beloved Sega to save them from the pain of the Dreamcast's death knell. Unfortunately, all the stock in the world couldn't save Isao, who died of heart failure, age 74, Friday afternoon Japanese time. Isao Owaka's career was noted for success and perseverance. After failure with the Saturn, Sega bounced back with the Dreamcast and won the hearts of millions. The console is still considered the gaming industry's finest, as new games continue to pour out for it, including the breathtaking Shenmue, Grandia II and more. Hopefully Mr. Owaka will be remembered for his guidance in the production of Dreamcast - he finally had his company back in the running, and with its new third party development business model, Sega should be making gamers happy for many years to come. Isao Owaka, rest in peace. Related Feature - Sega to become platform-neutral, Team up with Palm

Source - The Register