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Tribes 2 Nokia Promotion

Get an exclusive Tribes 2 logo on your Nokia mobile phone!

Operator logos are just about the only thing that distinguishes my bulky Nokia 7110 from the millions of other units doing the rounds all over the country. There was a time when it was unique, you know! Nobody had one! But nowadays, well, the only thing that can keep me sane and above the rest is that "what's that logo?" factor. Praise be then, to people like Vivendi and the others involved in this latest promotion of Tribes 2, for giving me something to be recognised by again. The promotion consists of a great new "Tribes 2" operator logo (for free or whatever it costs you to receive one). Fill in the details on the promotion's website and within seconds you will receive your new operator logo, which reads "Tribes 2" in a snazzy font. And it does only take seconds - we tried it. Now all that I need is a matching Tribes 2 protective jacket for my phone and I'll be happy. I don't think I'll hang around too long waiting for that one, though. Get your free operator logo from here, courtesy of Vivendi (Sierra Online), and Logos Unlimited, the country's top mobile phone customization website! Related Feature - Tribes 2 Preview

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