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Sega trample on PSO cheats

You don't cheat in Sega's online RPG, or Sega might just disable your unique login

Although it's bound to receive criticism from some corners, we view Sega's latest anti-cheating measure as an act of heroism. The system that controls access to their new RPG Phantasy Star Online is very clever. It gives you a serial number and an access key, which are saved to the internal memory of your Dreamcast, creating a unique login that cannot be "borrowed" by anyone or overwritten. This system is brilliant, because it allows you to log on and be assured that your character can't be perverted by joyriders, so to speak. It's also equally good at keeping people out. And Sega are apparently doing just that to people who dare cheat. Owners of the Action Replay device have apparently been using codes to gain an unfair advantage, and Sega don't like that one bit. So if you've bought PSO and fancy making things a bit easier for yourself - don't. You won't enjoy it as much anyway, and Sega might just cut you off, something which they reserve the right to do.

Source - Daily Radar