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Cyberathletes go amateur

CPL opens amateur online league

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Cyberathlete Professional League today announced that they have "acquired a significant interest" in the Domain of Games League in the USA, and will be rebadging it as the Cyberathlete Amateur League, or CAL for short. The CPL has organised a series of computer gaming events in the USA in recent years, with prize money reaching $100,000 at some of their tournaments last year, as well as having franchises in Europe and Asia. The CAL's first season is due to start on Sunday 22nd April, with both Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament leagues, as well as "an upcoming Quake III division". Exact details seem to be rather sketchy at the moment, but no doubt more information will be available on the CAL website soon.

Source - press release

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