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GeForce 3 pricing

Our thoughts on how much you will have to pay

Plenty of companies have now gone public with press releases about their new GeForce 3 lines, including Hercules (Guillemot), ELSA and now ASUS. Currently it looks like the card will cost $549 in the USA (that's the recommended price at any rate), and £449 in the UK, based on Hercules' British and North American press releases. In both cases, the information is that the "[Hercules GeForce 3 design] will be available in March for" ... "£449.99 inc VAT" and "$549.99." Although the data is subject to change, it does match up with what we've just heard from ASUS too. ELSA have also confirmed their North American pricing of $549 in this release. ASUS' release says that the V8200 Pure and the V8200 Deluxe (which will include TV-out, video-input, video editing, and 3D VR glasses), will cost $549 and $598 respectively. We reckon that conservatively speaking if you want to secure a GeForce 3 at launch the cheapest you can expect to find it is £400, which is about the price are offering the Gladiac 920 at, but prices may well go up to about £450 as the Hercules release estimates. Prices are subject to change of course. Related Feature - GeForce 3 Preview