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THQ to shine for EA

STARS 2001 for GameBoy Color to be published by THQ

THQ and Electronic Arts have issued a release this morning announcing a multi-territory agreement providing THQ with the rights to publish FA Premier League STARS 2001, Bundesliga STARS 2001, LNF STARS 2001 and Primera Division STARS 2001 across Europe on GameBoy Color. According to the release, the EA STARS Series will be fully localised across England, France, Germany and Spain is due out Spring 2001. Speaking to EuroGamer, THQ's Senior PR Manager Asam Ahmed commented that the company has "always had a close relationship with EA and have published numerous licensed CGB titles for them. This deal extend this longstanding relationship." The STARS series is particularly popular on the PC with Premiership fans in the UK, breaking as it does from the traditional streamlined vision of football that the FIFA portrays. STARS 2001 will portray not only the grandiose scale of stadiums like Old Trafford and the finesse of teams like Manchester United, but will also get down and dirty with the lower end of the scale, giving players the opportunity to take control of whichever club they choose and through a complex points system allowing them to "upgrade" the attributes of each player using these points, or "STARS". The localised versions should ensure success all across Europe. Related Feature - GBA to host kiddyvision action title

Source - press release