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Another victory for Konami

Japanese softco. announce record sales for the business year

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Console specialists Konami have announced record sales for 2000's Japanese business year (which will end in March). The company claims to have shipped a combined total of 10 million units, the third time in as many years the company has managed to break the psychological 10m barrier. The success is being attributed to sales in Japan of GameBoy sensation Yugio: Duel Monsters, Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX on the Dreamcast and PlayStation and the company's sports franchises. Although not thanked in the company's press release, sure-fire money-spinners like the PC port of Metal Gear Solid must also make up a sizable part of the figure. All in all, it's been a fairly good week for Konami, thanks to its victory in the Japanese Supreme Court last week and now this awe-inspiring sales figure. With Metal Gear Solid 2, Z.O.E. and other spectacular titles scheduled for the coming year, it shouldn't be too hard for them to plot another's year's success. Related Feature - Konami win Tokimeki Memorial case

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