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Dreamcast price slash

Sega cut Dreamcast price tag to fall in line with the rest of the world

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Although the Japanese can actually buy the Dreamcast for a paltry £50 or thereabouts from now on, and in the US you can pick one up for $99, Sega's UK PR office had previously denied any changes, answering our queries with a tiresome "no comment". Today however, they have issued a press release which announces the change of the Dreamcast price tag to £99.99 forthwith. With production ceasing on the 31st of March, now would seem to be the time to buy a unit if indeed you have plans to. Speaking about the announcement, Kazotoshi Miyake, COO of Sega Europe comments, "The new £99 price point for Dreamcast is a great buy for the gaming public. Our software schedule for the next year also maintains Sega's position as the world's finest developer and confirms our status as the most consistent and innovative content providers in the gaming world." You can read the entire release here. Related Feature - Japanese DC price cuts

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