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Japanese DC price cuts

No word on similar deals in the UK

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The Japanese get all the breaks when it comes to console goodies. Even though the Dreamcast is set to cease production on the 31st of March, it still retails for a staggering £150 in many places, while our Japanese friends can now pick up the console for an absolutely horrifying £50. Yes, fifty notes, half a ton, fifty squid. Some games cost nearly that in certain quarters around here. Daily Radar reckon we should buy an imported Jap console for a pittance and then use an adapter to play UK games, of which many now retail at less than £20, including classics like Soul Calibur and Crazy Taxi. We contacted Sega's UK press officer regarding the price cuts, but all we could get out of them was a standardized "We have not made an announcement regarding price drop" response. Hopefully this is set to change, but we're not holding our breath. And frankly, if you don't own a Dreamcast now, you might as well wait six months until they are really cheap and pick one up then. That said, we'll all be buying them in our DVD players and VCRs this time next year, so who's counting? Related Feature - Sega Confirms New Business Strategy

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