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Wieder takes vow of silence

3D Realms designer in no controversial forum posts shocker!

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3D Realms level designer Charlie Wiederhold announced in a shocking .plan update on Monday that he has "decided to just shut up until the game has Gone Gold". The trickle of news and screenshots of current project Duke Nukem Forever escaping from 3D Realms has been sparse to say the least, but one thing you could always count on was for people like Charlie Wiederhold and George Broussard to get involved in massive flame wars on messageboards and forums across the web. Whether this was at all related to the lengthy development cycle of their latest game is a matter of debate .. and one that Charlie won't be taking part in apparently.

"From time to time George and I have been kicking around the idea of just shutting the hell up until the game is done", Charlie admitted. "This has been happening more and more often lately and astute forum regulars and trolls alike might be able to venture a guess why. Getting in the mud and arguing with the fans is a lot of fun, especially when you find a group of people who can take it as just that and don't want us to act like salesmen when we talk with them."

Given their past record you might be a little dubious about this claimed conversion, but Charlie is apparently serious about quitting the forums until the game is finished. "To make it more than just a promise to not post on forums .. if I do post somewhere, I'll owe the entire company dinner at someplace of their choice (Kobe, whatever). This lowly level designer's salary will be quite impacted by feeding the entire crew (my Ferrari is on layaway), so if I intend to make my car payment the next month, I'll have to stay off the forums."

Say it ain't so!

Source - .plan

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