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Sega Develop for PS2 and Xbox

Japanese newswire claims... Sega stocks soar

Sega is apparently developing software for both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox undercover, or so says Japanese newswire Jiji Press. The unconfirmed report has sent Sega's shares up 19%, the stock's biggest one-day gain in over seven months according to Bloomberg. A couple of months ago, the claims would have been laughed back into the ether, but recent announcements from Sega bode well for the news. The company has already stated that it wishes to boost the company's software market share to 25% and they have also admitted to being undecided about the development of a sequel to Dreamcast. SegaNet is the current focus of the company's attention, and as console and PC users can now both use the service, it seems likely that inter-format multiplayer games will be another option for Sega in the future. Heavy investment into the promotion of a universal service like SegaNet shows that the company is looking ahead.

Source - The Register