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GameBoy Advance Begins Production

Nintendo shifts into gear to meet with March 21st release date in Japan

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Gaming giant Nintendo has started production of its next generation handheld console, the GameBoy Advance, ahead of its March 21st launch date. The handheld, which is expected to steal the crown of the GameBoy Color is projected to sell in bulk during the first year as the take-up increases. The American launch will follow the Japanese one fairly closely, and the UK / Europe should get it in Autumn-time - in all likelihood this will be the present to have in your stocking come December 25th 2001. As we know, the GBA features a 32-bit processor, colour LCD screen, and of course compatibility with all old GameBoy / Color games. Nintendo aims to produce 24 million units before March 2001 - the original GameBoy and GameBoy Color have in total sold over 100 million units.

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