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The Thing

Cult sci-fi movie spawns survival horror game

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Computer Artworks (of "Evolva" and "Organic Art" fame) have announced that they are producing a cross-platform game based on John Carpenter's gory sci-fi movie "The Thing", almost twenty years after the film was first released. With a plot involving a team of scientists stranded in Antarctica fighting a hideous alien organism capable of absorbing and then imitating other life-forms, it should come as no surprise that the result will be a horror survival game in the vein of "Resident Evil". As Creative Director William Latham exclaims, "if ever there was a franchise with fantastic games potential, this is it! The Thing has arrived and it is crueler, more intelligent and more terrifying than any other previous opponent!"

A shot from the movie - I hope you weren't eating...

Due to be released by Konami some time early next year, the game should appear on all of the major platforms - PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube, and even GameBoy Advance. Expect plenty of gore, bizarrely malformed monsters, and a dirty big flamethrower. Interestingly Computer Artworks are describing their game as a sequel, "picking up where the film left off", with the two survivors sitting in a burnt out shed, each unsure of whether the other is even human anymore. Hopefully we should know more soon, but this certainly has the potential to be a shot in the arm for the rather tired survival horror genre.

Source - press release

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